Giving birth in BCW

The costs of childbirth in the Bevalcentrum West are the same as for an outpatient birth, in 2018 €558.81 and in 2019 €572,84 as determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Almost all insurance companies will reimburse this amount minus a personal contribution fee that is not insured.

Choosing a hospital birth or a birth at a birthing center, when there is no medical indication, incurs a personal contribution fee of €347,81 (2018) or €357,84 (2019). Some medical insurance policies cover these costs as well – check your own medical insurance to establish exactly which costs are covered.

We don’t have a contract with all the medical insurances. Check the details with your medical insurance if you want to give birth at BCW.

Use of nitrous oxide

If you want to use nitrous oxide during labor then the cost are (in total) €1011,11 in 2018 and €1026,25 in 2019. Almost all insurers reimburse the use of nitrous oxide during labor. In case of nitrous oxide use, a personal contribution fee is not applicable.

Referred to gynecologist

If during labor in Bevalcentrum West you are transferred to a gynecologist, the fee for childbirth will still apply.

Not insured?

Uninsured patients pay the full amount of €558,81 (2018) or €572,84(2019). For childbirth with nitrous oxide you pay €1011,11 in 2018 and €1025,26 in 2019.

Parking costs

Parking on the hospital ground incurs a fee. When entering the car park, a ticket will be administered. To leave the car park, you can use this entrance ticket to pay at the parking meters at the entrance of the hospital.