What to bring to the birthing center?

Even if you expect to deliver you child at home, it is wise to have an emergency suitcase containing:

  • Nightwear/bathrobe
  • Warm socks/slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Clean underwear and clothing
  • Baby clothes
  • Insurance papers and ID
  • Camera if needed
My insurance company does not have a contract with BCW

It is always possible that your insurance company does not have a contract with Bevalcentrum West. If the costs of childbirth are reimbursed for non-contracted caregivers it is stated in your insurance policy. For any questions, we refer you to your health insurance company.

Should I register at BCW in advance?

No. Basically, you can decide during childbirth where you want to give birth. Fortunately, there is usually a room available at BCW.

Can I give birth in a medical delivery room at BCW?

No, the BCW itself has no medical delivery rooms. When a medical indication arises during labor, you will be referred to the gynaecologist or clinical midwife at the medical ward in OLVG hospital.

What happens if complication during childbirth develop?

Your midwife can solve many complications at home or in the birth center. If the midwife needs the assistance from a gynecologist or clinical midwife, childbirth is usually continued at a medical delivery room of the hospital. You will then be transferred to another room, they are next door from us.


Can I bring my relatives/friends/family with me?

At the moment, due to COVID restrictiones, you can bring your partner and one extra person.

Can I bring my other child(ren)?

Due to COVID restrictions it is not possible to bring your other children with you.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Pets are not allowed on the premises of the OLVG-West and therefore also not allowed in Bevalcentrum West.

Can I bring candles to Bevalcentrum West?

Unfortunately it is not allowed to burn candles or oils in Bevalcentrum West. This has to do with the smoke detectors in the rooms and the connection points for oxygen. We do have aromatherapy available for you.

Can we spend the night? How long after childbirth should I leave the room?

Approximately 2 to 3 hours after birth, if all is well, you will take your baby home. Most maternity centers offer support of a maternity nurse when you get home. If after you have given birth you experience some dizziness or nausea, you can stay a little longer if indicated by your midwife. Five hours after childbirth it should be clear whether you can go home or should be transferred to the medical maternity ward of the hospital.

Can I stay during the maternity period (kraamtijd) at Bevalcentrum West?

No, the Bevalcentrum West does not have the possibility and space to accommodate women with their newborns to stay during the postpartum maternity period.

Do I have a television or media player on my room available?

All rooms have media players (mp3, cd, radio). One room has a TV available.

Should I choose to be under the care of a midwife in the neighborhood?

No, this is not necessary, only practical. Your midwife should agree to accompany you to Bevalcentrum West.

What options are available at BCW for pain relief?

Research has shown that women are better able to cope with labor pain when accompanied by someone they trust. The BCW, the midwife and maternity nurse can assist in coping with the labor pain. All different kind of tools are available such as gym ball, birth tubs, shower, aromatherapy, etc.  Nevertheless, should there be a need for additional pain relief, nitrous oxide is available.

Can I deliver the baby in bath?

Yes, but only after consultation with your own midwife. The BCW has two birthing baths available.

Can I bring my own birth tub?

Unfortunately not. The BCW has two rooms with birthing baths available.

Do you have aromatherapy?

Yes, Bevalcentrum West has two electronic aromatherapy diffusers available including different kinds of oils. You can also bring your own oil.

Who will be present during childbirth?

You own midwife will be present, the BCW maternity nurse and anyone you will bring with you to accompany you. Furthermore, it may be that a student midwife or maternity nurse-in-training asks for your permission to be present during childbirth.

Is there always room available?

As natural childbirth is difficult to plan and no reservations can be made, it can happen that the delivery rooms of Bevalcentrum West are full.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

You can bring your own food and it is possible to heat it in the microwave. In BCW bread, meats, fruit, dairy products, juices and soft drinks are available and ready for you if you wish.

Where can I park?

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