Give birth safely in Bevalcentrum West

Since the tightened measures of October 13, 2020, the following corona measures are in force:

  • Per pregnant woman, in addition to the partner, there may currently be one extra person at the delivery. Your own midwife and a maternity nurse from Bevalcentrum West are also present at the delivery.
    If the rules are further tightened, the extra person may no longer be welcome. Keep a close eye on our website for this.
  • The extra person (and partner) present at the delivery may not switch with other people. They also have to stay in the room, to avoid walking back and forth.
  • Mouth masks: in the entire OVLG, so also in Bevalcentrum West, wearing a mouth mask is mandatory, especially when no 1.5 meters distance can be kept. In the delivery room it is therefore also necessary to wear a mouth mask when a care provider is in the room. The only exception is the woman in labor herself: she does not have to wear a mouth cap in the delivery room.

For all recent measures in the OLVG you can visit their website via the following link: