Are you pregnant and do you want information about the upcoming birth? You are welcome to join our information sessions, alone or together with your partner. At the information session you have every opportunity for questions and to look around* at the premises of Bevalcentrum West if no delivery is ongoing. English sessions are held every two months at the first Friday of the month. Starting at the 3d of January from 16.00 to 18.00. Discussed will be:
  • What is an ‘optimal’ birth?
  • How do you know labor has started?
  • What is the duration of the process of childbirth?
  • The influence of hormones, anxiety and confidence.
  • The different stages of childbirth.
  • Various forms of dealing with labor.
  • The role of partner and family.
  • Practical tips
  • Tour on the premises
As a compensation for the costs, we ask for a payment of € 5 per person. This should be paid by IDeal at the moment you subscribe for the information session. If you only want to have a tour on the premises, please arrive at 17:30h at the Chapel. The tour is free of charge. Due to COVID-19 and the 'one-and-a-half-meter' society there will be no tours in the Bevalcentrum. There is always a possibility that the tour is cancelled due to the fact that all rooms in the Bevalcentrum West may be occupied. In that case, a virtual tour will be displayed after the end of the information session at 18:00h.

What is the location of the information sessions?

OLVG West (voorheen Lucas Andreas ziekenhuis) Jan Tooropstraat 164 1061 AE Amsterdam. In the Chapel, on the first floor, route 12.


In the calendar below you can register for you and your partner or family. For this information session we ask € 5 per person as a contribution towards the costs. This amount can be paid via the website via iDEAL. The registration is complete after payment.

No tours until further notice!

Due to the 1,5 meter measurements there will be no tours in the Bevalcentrum West until further notice. If you would like to see the birthcentre you can watch a small movie.