Our birth centre has four obstetrical rooms with each an individual look and feel. The “Modern room”, “ 4 Elements”, “1001 Nights” and “Water and air”.

Three rooms are equipped with a twin bed, one room is equipped with a medical labour bed. All rooms have access to a separate bathroom with toilet and shower, laughing gas and a seating. Two of those rooms have a special tub made for births.

A birth tub filled with warm water can help you relax and feel more in control. Part of your labor, delivery or both van take place in the birth tub. Water births can result in a more natural and relaxed experience. Benefits include:

  • Warm water is soothing, comforting, relaxing
  • The effect of the buoyancy allows free movement and new positioning
  • Warm water relaxes the muscles, leading to a better birth process
  • Eases the transition to the outside world for the baby

Room “Water en lucht” is a delivery room that can be used for medical obstetrical deliveries. All medical equipment is obscured from side by curtains.

If you wish to bring friends or family, a family room is available. Although the room is not very spacious, it provides a waiting room for relatives and friends while you are giving birth in peace. The family room has coffee and tea making facilities and a microwave is available. For the little ones a small play area is available.

For personnel use only is a kitchen and living room on the premises.

In case of emergency all equipment is nearby. If necessary a reanimation table can be used by pediatricians, medical personnel and your own midwife.