Training company

The birth center is a training company for student midwifes and maternity nurses-in-training. This means that you can be asked whether there could be a student present at childbirth. You will always have the opportunity to refuse, but if possible, we would appreciate your cooperation. Student midwifes and maternity nurses-in-training have only few opportunities to learn to assist at a birth, but we do expect them to be well trained and skilled midwives and maternity nurses. Your cooperation is appreciated!

Since 25-08-2015 we are a recognized training company for maternity nurses, awarded by the Vocational Education Industry Cooperation Organization (SBB).

Maternity nurses-in-training

Maternity nurses-in-training learn by observation of the permanent employees. If they are able to independently assist at childbirth, their internship is completed.

Student midwifes

Student midwives have an internship in the obstetrical practice of a midwife but also independently at our birthing center Bevalcentrum Center West. During their internship, they are on call for a number of nights and days and await the opportunity to be present at childbirths. During their guard duty, they will ask your midwife to assist in childbirth. The midwife will always your permission first.